Saturday, September 22, 2012


Here in Idaho the leaves are turning into their beautiful orange, red and yellow splendor. Along with that the nights are getting colder, the vegetation in the water is breaking up and dying, and the rivers lose their attraction as many take to the mountains in search of some elusive animal to harvest and turn into jerky. (for any of my readers if this be the case and you are successful, send some my way) Although I really like all the changes listed, the thing that I am exicted most about is low fall/winter flows. They have arrived, and with that, the drys and nymphs take a back seat almost completely for a few months and my favorite boxes become the staple in my pack.

 This picture shows the right side of the meat box, mostly single hook streamers that i use as my dessert trailer to pick up chasers that refuse to commit to the main course.
 My lead streamers........All big, mean, and articulated. I like to fish a size 2 2xl hook up front and a size 2 3xl hook in the rear for most of my big articulated offerings.
 My smaller stuff for picky fish. I would never leave the house with out a large selection of size 4 2xl wooly buggers. Simply put, they catch fish.

Here are a few close ups of my takes of different streamers that I have came across over time.

 This one is called the snot rocket. I tied it specifically to pulsate like crazy when it is stripped back.

This heavy Son of a gun, is my go to streamer for swinging. Its done well in Halloween colors, but I plan on fishing this purple version this fall.

The fall/winter flows expose so much awesome cover, ledges, undercuts and other stuff big trout like to hide in while waiting for a poor unsuspecting small fish to swim by. I really do love this time of year. Hopefully my Pennsylvania friends will catch some of my fall Little Juniata river browns for me. If you do, send some pictures my way (preferably with a big piece of meat hanging out of its mouth). Keep checking my blog, pictures will be added steadily for the next few months if all goes as planned.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catch some salmon......CHECK!!!!

Well I am now back in Idaho for another semester of school. I have not made it out as much as I would like to, but I did manage a trip with Shane to a trip on a local river that had some Kokanee Salmon running. I have never had the opportunity to catch a Salmon, so this trip was one that I was super excited for. Here are some pictures form the trip.

 It was a wonderful trip. (also extremely exhausting). we found kokes from where we parked, up to where we turned around. They were the thickest about 4 miles in. I constantly found myself thinking how in a few weeks, these fish would all be dead and no longer here for me to catch them. It was a different feeling, a greater form of respect for these beautiful fish was definitely cultivated on this trip.

And of course, The fall streamer bite is picking up, so you should be seeing alot more pictures like the following......

These were from recent trips to various rivers that Shane and I fish.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Okay, I snuck out for one more trip! (or 2)

Well I heard the Little J calling me one more time. I really felt strongly that I should oblige and fish it for an hour or two.

I picked up a few browns in the 12-13 inch range right off the back. Sorry, I was in lazy mode and didn't take any pictures.

Towards the end of the trip I tagged this nice bow on my own scuplin pattern.
On the way home, we stopped off at the George Harvey area, and hit that one more time. I left my brother and dad do the fishing, and I was the designated netter,unhooker, and photo taker. Unfortunately my brother lost the big guy he hooked into, but my dad did manage this big fat pellet hog.

I also wanted to fill my smallmouth canteen, to keep me going while out in Idaho. So I took my favorite rod and headed down to the J for some popper action. and was rewarded with a bunch of smallies around this size.

And I should probably include this sweet looking hopper that was on my car one morning this week.
 I need to tie some of these things up, I bet they will work well on the little J.