Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scud fishing at its finest!

 Yesterday I made yet another trip up to Henrys lake with the hopes of catching a pretty sizeble brook trout. No luck yet, but i know that it will happen soon. I did along with my friend Chris get into some beautiful  yellowstone cutthroat action as usual. Here are some of the pictures of the amazing flat that we were fishing and the beautiful scenery.

 My first cut of the day
 Chris with this monster trout. ( could be a hybrid i am thinking, its way too hard to tell them apart for me)
 Fighting another beautiful cut.....i think he still had a few runs left in him
 I am pretty sure i need to buy a bigger net for my trips to henrys, its way too hard to net the trout.

 Here you can definately see why i need a bigger net
 This was the biggest for me on this trip. What a healthy fish....this one constantly was shaking his head and trying to throw the scud he was so eager to take.

 This is what all the fish were taken on- A size 12 beadhead olive flashback scud. we were casting the scuds without indicators with an erratic twitching retrieve just above the bottom. I would say the fish we were catching were mostly 5 feet or shallower
This flat was absolutely gorgeous. the water was crystal clear and there were fish everywhere. Chris and I would see fish roll on the surface and cast to them and within seconds they would hit our scuds.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gotta love those wild Brookies!

 So this Saturday, I decided to make the drive up to my favorite small stream here in Idaho and fish for some small wild brook and rainbow trout. Being out here for college is awesome, but every so often I have an urge to be back in PA fishing my favorite mountain stream for those beautiful 6-10 inch brookies. I managed 43 trout in the 4 hours I was there, which by all means isnt bad but for this stream its about 1/3 of my normal amount. But its almost November and the fish were still hitting my dry flys so i cant complain.
 Beautiful colors on this one
 This was a little feeder stream to the creek I was fishing( Birch Creek) the picture make it look like there is no flow but it actually has good current. There were hundred of brookies in here as usual. I managed about 7 out of here before they were too spooked. The other issue is the max depth is about 6 inches so laying the fly on the water has to be perfect.
 Some more shots of Birch Creek

 Gotta love the Patriot. By far my favorite fly! all the fish were caught on size 12 and 14 Patriots and a size 12 yellow humpy

this was the biggest brook of the trip. I would say it went 10 inches. I also managed a few wild rainbows in that sames size. A trophy trout at Birch Creek is 13 inches or so but what keeps me coming back is the thousands of trout in here. Literally, you cannot walk anywhere without spooking trout. Its a great place to bring a 3 wt and try to set a record for most trout caught in a day. Currently my birch creek record is 137, so you can see that today was slow numbers wise. But I needed to satisfy my want to catch some wild brookies. What a great day of fishing.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Henrys Lake

 Well These past two weeks I have been making the Drive North to Henrys Lake for some Monster trout. The first trip was probably the greatest fishing trip that I have ever been on. Me and my buddy Tyler got there about 9 in the morning and decided to Fish the south end of the Lake. We decided to start by fishing some Prince Nymphs and scuds about 12 inches Below our strike indicators. Not A hit. I really wanted to get the nymph down deeper but with all the weeds in the lake you just couldn't. After about an hour I decided to tie on my go to streamer, a Beadhead olive crystal bugger. Size 6. On the first cast about halfway through my 4th strip I felt that classic Smash of a trout annihilating a streamer. I set the hook and after a pretty lengthy battle held up my first henrys lake trout. A solid 19" cutthroat. This would be one of many trout pulled in on the next few trips to henrys lake. All of which were about 17 inches or more. Flies we used were scuds, streamers, black leeches, and some zebra midges.
 My good Friend Adam with his First Cutthroat.
 The biggest trout of my 3 Trips to Henrys a 23 inch Beauty
 This was my first cutthroat from the lake.

 Tyler with his First

All in all this Lake had become a favorite Destination for me in the Fall and I will be making many trips back to Henrys for years to come.