Thursday, October 20, 2011

Henrys Lake

 Well These past two weeks I have been making the Drive North to Henrys Lake for some Monster trout. The first trip was probably the greatest fishing trip that I have ever been on. Me and my buddy Tyler got there about 9 in the morning and decided to Fish the south end of the Lake. We decided to start by fishing some Prince Nymphs and scuds about 12 inches Below our strike indicators. Not A hit. I really wanted to get the nymph down deeper but with all the weeds in the lake you just couldn't. After about an hour I decided to tie on my go to streamer, a Beadhead olive crystal bugger. Size 6. On the first cast about halfway through my 4th strip I felt that classic Smash of a trout annihilating a streamer. I set the hook and after a pretty lengthy battle held up my first henrys lake trout. A solid 19" cutthroat. This would be one of many trout pulled in on the next few trips to henrys lake. All of which were about 17 inches or more. Flies we used were scuds, streamers, black leeches, and some zebra midges.
 My good Friend Adam with his First Cutthroat.
 The biggest trout of my 3 Trips to Henrys a 23 inch Beauty
 This was my first cutthroat from the lake.

 Tyler with his First

All in all this Lake had become a favorite Destination for me in the Fall and I will be making many trips back to Henrys for years to come.

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