Monday, January 9, 2012

It Sure Does Feel Good To Be Back

Well i am home from college and from Idaho for a few months. Now that I have filled my deer tags I can devote my time to trout fishing. Todays trip was the first trip for wild trout this year. The weather has been exceptionally warm this winter and I have been waiting for the flows on the Little Juniata River come down below the 375 mark that I prefer it to be. I went to the J this morning with the hopes of getting into some wild browns with some big nasty streamers. I had a few chase and had one on about 15 inches and that was my morning.
When I arrived back at the car, I decided to drive to the George Harvey section of Spruce Creek. It has been a very long time since I have been there and wanted to just check it out. For those who dont know Spruce Creek, It is a tributary to the Little J and is all private other than this small section that Penn State University owns. Spruce Creek is world famous for the big fish that are stocked by private landowners and a rich mans fishing club(wish I had $70,000 to join). Alot of big fish work their way down into this section and this section also has beautiful wild browns in it.

 The calmer water above the riffles held 2  18+inch trout. couldnt get a strike. Thought I was going to when one came darting towards my streamer like a torpedo but didnt take. nothing after that.
 This was the only trout of the day for me. Its a classic wild brown from spruce.
 I sure do love the colors of wild Pa trout. Alot of the Browns I catch in Idaho are pretty pale. The blue spot behind the eye on this one is extremely vivid. Overall it was a great day to be out. I am looking foreward to the few months I have to be in Pennsylvania fishing the streams I love.

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