Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Warm River

One of the rivers that I seem to spend alot of time on is the Warm river near Ashton, Idaho. The warm river hosts a great population of brown and rainbow trout, with the occasional brookie thrown into the mix. This year I have been throwing streamers on the river instead of nymphing and the resulting fish have been stellar. Access to the river is very easy with most of the river being in the Targhee forest system. A agood spot to try would be the area in and around the Campground. Here are some photos from the last half dozen trips or so. 
 This wild rainbow will always be a favorite for me. The coloring was so spectacular and the take was epic.
 My personal best brown from this particular river

 This big spawned out bow chased down a streamer trying to bulk back up

 If you haven't tried this gem of a river give it a try. withing the next month or so, the caddis should start to show up and those guys who like to fish the surface will find plenty of action if streamer fishing is something that you are not into.

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