Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not sure what to think this winter!!!

Well lucky for me I had the day off work and without a doubt didnt hesitate to head out to one of my favorite Lebanon county streams. The air temp was 60 degrees and the water temp was in the mid 40's which lead to a great day. I spent the day fishing for wild browns and some fingerling stockies. I planned on fishing some dries today but somehow I managed to leave absolutely ALL of my dry flies at home with my fly tying stuff. So I had to go to plan B, which was to fish a pink san juan worm pattern that I had on me. luckily I tied a box with a few dozen in it for the opening day of trout season and had it in my pack already. I also caught some on a size 12 rubberleg flashwing prince nymph. This winter has been the warmest that I have ever seen. Its been great for the fishing, but I hope it doesnt have any negative effects when the heat sets in this summer.

 Well the old pink worm produced this beauty of a brown within the first 10 min of the trip. It is actually the biggest brown I have caught out of this particular stream.
 I brought to hand countless numbers of these small stocked brook trout that were eager to take the pink worm.

It was a very frustrating day for me seeing fish rise all over the place, while being able to do nothing about it. The first thing I did when I returned home was put ALL my boxes back into my pack. This was a first for me I never check my pack because I rarely take the boxes out and set them somewhere, most of the time I pull them out,add to them and put them right back in the pack. I think I might have to start checking from now on.

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