Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Farewell Pennsylvania!!!!!!

Well In two days I will be headed back across the country to Rexburg, Idaho for another semester at BYU. I took a break from packing today to go fish the Little Juniata and Spruce Creek for the last time in a long time.

The morning started out standing at my car in the George Harvey parking lot on Spruce. I wanted to work this stretch thoroughly one last time this year in hopes of catching a few big fish.
After gearing up, I walked down to the lower limits and started fishing my way up. On my first cast, I felt something smack my streamer and when I set the hook, I had nothing. I tossed back out and on the second strip felt my rod bend. I ended up bringing to hand the largest Pennsylvania wild brown that I have ever caught. After A few Pictures I released him to brighten some lucky fishermans day on a future date.
This brown was 14 1/2 inches, Making it my largest PA wild brown to date. Notice the triple blue spots on the gill plate. What a cool, beautiful brown.

After That The fishing died Down for about an hour. I saw a few sporaddic risers, But not enough to warrant a switch in my opinion. The next fish brought to hand was a cookie cutter Bow stocked by Spring Ridge. My thanks to the club, Its always nice to latch into a few pellet hogs. A few more bows came to hand and one more smaller wild brown. All fish were caught on black scuplin patterns.
This was the largest Bow for the day. 19" and actually quite good looking for being a stocker.

Around 2 oclock, I left spruce creek and headed to the gorge on the Little J. I heard lots of reports of grannoms coming off. I was also told by a close friend that sulphurs were also starting to show themselves. I got to the area I wanted to fish and sadly saw there were about a dozen guys spread throughout the area. That explained the Maryland, WV and Virginia plates in the parking lot. Well I saw fish rising EVERYWHERE, so I just moved downstream some and started to fish. There were plenty of grannoms and BWO's hatching and sure enough a good amount of sulphurs. I tied on a size 16 royal stimulator and started missing fish after fish. I just had a super delyed reaction on my hookset. In the hour that I was at the J fishing I brought two to hand and had about another 30 takes. Hopefully I got the rust off my dry fly fishing abilities.

 To add to the last post about colors and trout, there is ABSOLUTELY not a better looking brown trout in my opinion than the ones that come from this Fishery. The browns in the Little J are just stunning. The one thing that saddens me, is knowing that I will yet again miss the good fishing and the famous sulphur hatch for yet another year.

Well on another note, I will be back in Idaho and fishing ALOT, so those following the blog, expect some good reports from that side of the country to follow.

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  1. Some great looking fish you got there!