Tuesday, April 3, 2012

wild browns

A recent post from my good friend Chris over at www.manyafish.blogspot.com got me thinking about colors on trout. Alot of people say that brook trout are the best looking but I feel there is nothing that comes close to a wild brown. I was out fishing today and started out fishing a Lebanon county stream and managed 2 absolutely beautiful browns.

These trout were absolutely beautiful. When I look at these creations, I know there is a higher power. I feel that there isnt a better looking fish. I was glad to catch two from this stream. Browns in each watershed  have distinct characteristics that just make them even more amazing.

The next wild brown came from Manada Creek. This one was special to me as it was the first wild Brown I have caught from the Manada in over a year. I have caught lots of trout from the creek but they have always been holdover stockies lately. I know they are in there but they have eluded me for quite some time.
Here is the beauty from the Manada. Alot lighter coloring on this one than the ones from the other stream.


  1. Beautiful fish Josh. I love the second picture. Awesome colors, and the red spots are always cool.

  2. Great looking browns!