Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spruce Creek

Well I decided to head home to visit my family this weekend and also wanted to meet up with my good friend Matt and do a little fishing. We started out this morning at the Little Juniata, and for a reason I cant put a finger on we decided to leave the "J" and fish the George Harvey section of Spruce Creek. I managed  6  and unfortunately Matt couldn't hook up with any. I normally catch a few real good wild browns when fishing Spruce but only managed one. The rest of the fish caught were rainbows courtesy of the Spring Ridge Club. The first bow that I caught was 11 inches or so and the next was about 14. The following three were all over 16 with the largest topping out at 18". The fish were caught on a mix of a golden stone fly and a black crystal cone head bugger.

Today was my best trip to Spruce Creek. My previous Record was 3. I felt that 6 fish in the 1/2 mile stretch that is open to public was a superb day. Every time I fish Spruce it grows on me. The scenery is beautiful and Its one of the few streams around where you never know what fish will be in each run. Will they be rainbows from Spring Ridge Club or will they be wild Spruce Creek Browns? Or will they be both? 
Here is the only wild brown for the day. Classic spruce coloring.

 First fish of the day.

 17" Rainbow
 Matt retying after losing his golden stone to a tree.

 The biggest of the day. 18" rainbow

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  1. Great stuff and some beautiful fish. I've yet to fish Little J or Spruce but hope to some day. I'll be fishing Penns in May. Thanks for sharing.