Sunday, June 17, 2012

A little Thank You to my best friend

With today being fathers day I felt that I should write up a quick post expressing my gratitude to my father. Today was full of memories of our countless trips to the Mountains around our home in search of trout. It was my father that taught me alot of my fishing skills. To this day I dont think I could out fish him if he had his darn threaded minnow rig again my flies. I Love you dad and your the greatest friend a son could ever have. Happy fathers Day.
A picture from my favorite memory. This was my first buck taken with a bow. My father and I scouted alot prior to the season and this is the buck I wanted. I took it on the last week of the 1st bow season. It was the last day I was able to hunt before I left for Arizona for the next two years and I hadnt seen him all month. That morning Dad left for work and I left for my stand. He later told me that he prayed I would get the buck and lucky for me it all worked out.

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