Friday, June 22, 2012

Right out my backdoor

Well I had the evening to fish today and planned on hitting the Henrys fork for the evening hatches with the hopes of hooking up with some big rainbows. Around 2 oclock, I couldnt wait any longer so I decided to swing by a local river and take a couple of casts till it was time to head to Henrys. Upon arrival I saw my good friend Will fishing and we decided to head down river a piece and do some streamer fishing. After the first hour, Will left I was joined by Chris and we started smashing fish. The cutts attacked with a ferocity I havent experienced before. They were crushing the streamers on a fast strip. Before today my personal best cutt was 22 inches. The first fish of the day for me happened to be a solid 24 inch Cutt. After that first fish I lost all interest in Henrys fork and decided to stay and fish this river till dark.
 This Big boy is currently my largest cutty to date. I hope to add a few inches still this year if I am lucky.
 Will got this monster. I am pretty sure its a cutbow but its honestly so hard to tell. Either way its a beast. Its also Wills largest Idaho trout so far.

 This was one of the smaller fish for the day but it made the memory book for the fact that it took chris' lead streamer and also took the bugger that he was trailing.
This was the average sized fish for the day.

Today was just one of those days where the stars aligned and we were able to consistantly larger than average fish. I have to give a shout out to my good friend chris, he is responsible for my addiction to streamers. Last fall we had a blast catching tons of solid trout on streamers and I haven't stopped fishing them since. The rewards speak for themselves.

The next time we fish this stretch we decided to fish strictly mouse patterns and try to get some of these beasts to take one. Hopefully there will be a report to follow here in the near future.

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