Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bite Guards

Well I now know that I am in need of one. Don't worry..... I am not talking about the ones for protecting my teeth while sleeping, I mean the kind that protects my tippet. If you follow my blog, you know that this summers goal is to catch a muskie, pike, or pickerel with my fly rod. Today I had an hour or two before dark to hit up a section of the river close to home to strip a few streamers in search of accomplishing this task. Well my first cast, was parallel to the tail end of a weedbed, and after the first few strips, I saw the tell tale wake heading towards my streamer at a 90 degree angle. Well I am sorry, I sadly do not have any pictures for you! That stinking muskie hit like a battering ram. It decided that it not only wanted my prized articulated streamer, but it wanted to continue on its straight path. While traveling this route, it felt the need to go straight through my 0x tippet. I stood there with my best friend Ethan, in awe that another muskie slipped through my fingers. Well, I currently have a steel leader on its way, so hopefully that takes care of that little issue.

I did manage a beauty of a chain pickerel on a fluke and my baitcaster. Sadly I left all my fly fishing stuff in the car and just took my 8 wt along with the intent of making a few casts. After the muskie biting my line, I honestly didnt want to make the walk back to the car to get my tippet and a new streamer. The evening also produced about 30 or so smallmouth. This spot is pretty special, because every night approximately 30 min before dark the bass run baitfish right up on the bank. This always makes for a fast paced finish to the night if you fish smaller baitfish colored flukes.

Here are a few pictures I took of the Pickerel

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  1. Well that answered that question. Hope to see a pic soon!