Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Its been a long while since I have updated anything on here. Fishing time for me lately has been non-existent. If I am not working, I am in class or doing homework. I cannot complain though. Things are going great! I have had a few hours here and there to sit down and tie up some new streamers though, and I really wanted to try them out. I woke up this morning and found myself with nothing to do. I had the day off work and I had one class at 3:15. About the time I thought about going fishing, my little brother walked into the apartment and I ran the idea by him. He was all for it, so we headed out in search for some fish.

After a drive to check our spot out on a local river that we like to fish, we decided to change our plans and head on over to the Henrys Fork and try our luck for some brownies. 

I made 3 casts and was rewarded with 3 great fish. After taking a few photos of the last fish, we decided to head back towards Rexburg and grab my net that I had accidentally left at the last fishing spot. After retrieving my net we headed back to the HF and started fishing again  The wind had picked up, but that didn't stop my brother from picking up a good fish and me a few more also.

As the title states, all my streamers now are tied with stingers. I no longer need to fish trailer flies, all the short strikes that have been occurring no longer pose a problem. Today was the R&D day for my stinger patterns, and in hindsight, they WORK!!!!! I am officially converted and they really do increase your hookups. 


  1. Thank you.One of these times I am traveling across the country i need to make a pit stop and try some waters you fish. I always enjoy your posts.