Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last trip of the month

Well after having a severe cold for the past 4 days I was finally able to get out and fish again. Shane and I headed to The Henrys Fork for some salmon fly action. I stood watching my second drift and about halfway through there was a massive explosion. After an epic battle this BEAUTY was brought to hand.
This is by far the best looking Brown I have ever caught. I have always seen those mustard yellow bellies in magazine articles and have always wanted to catch one. Today was that lucky day!

There was also a great hatch of golden stones on the banks and flying around mixed in with the salmon flies. Here is a close up of one. Do you think the trout can decipher between this and the salmon? The size isnt really to much different on the henrys fork. (at least this year)
We fished some different spots on Henrys and caught a few more but none that were picture worthy.
Then we stopped somewhere else and I pulled out this beauty.
After being stuck inside for 4 days other than leaving to suffer and cough my way through my classes, it was really nice to get out and fish. Catching pig browns on top was just icing on the cake.

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  1. Great looking fish man. Wish I could have tagged along!