Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little change of pace!

Well believe it or not, I have been getting tired of fishing salmon flies and decided I needed a break. NOT a break from fishing, just a break from fishing for browns on River X. Shane and I decided to head to a new spot and fish for some yellowstone cutts. We brought 63 fish to hand with about a dozen of them being brookies. It was one of the better trips of the year for me. I would say the average fish was 17 and we had about 2 dozen over 18. The flies of the day were larger egg patterns, and sanjaun worms as the second fly. I fished pink SJ worms and and Shane fished a red SJ. Here are some of the better pictures from the trip.

 Shane with a beast of a Brookie

 PINK San Juan produced the majority of the fish today for me
 The biggest cutt from the trip. also the best looking. Thank goodness I hooked into it instead of shane
 If this cutt wasn't spawned out it woulda been a tank
I am in love with this picture. This picture of this cutt really sums up the enjoyment of todays trip.
One of the few hybrids. I love how much more these trout fight compared to yellowstone cutts.

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