Friday, May 4, 2012

Salmon Flies

Its been awhile since a new post has been up! Sorry about that guys. Its not that I havent been fishing, its just that, I have been fishing ALOT. Well today, Shane, his buddy Gage and I went to fish a river we all enjoy in a section thats off the beaten path. The section that we were fishing was in Targhee National Forest and as you can see from the hike out photo it was definately off the beaten path. We ended up with about 40 fish between the 3 of us with a bunch of nice browns and bows in the mix. The fish were taking rubberlegs with alot of gusto, So we all switched to big honkin salmon flies. we started slaughtering fish after that. I wasn't able to hook up with too many fish because I lost my right contact, -4.00 makes you kinda blind, and it threw off my sight at longer distances. Heck it was really any distance. But I still managed about a half dozen on the salmon fly. They are super early this year, It wont be long till the Henrys Fork action starts. I found a few on the banks that I took pictures of also in case anyone hasnt ever seen one. For size comparison they are about 3 inches in length. Also stop by shanes blog and check it out.

 Shane caught this beautiful brown.....Probably the best looking brown I have seen caught In Idaho. Looks just like the good old Pennsylvania browns.

 Me with my best brownie of the trip
 gotta love the rubberlegs

 Immature bald eagle just chilled while we fished right in front of him
 salmon fly

 The hike back out after fishing about 3 miles of river rewarded us with this view.

Some Salmon flies that I tied up in preperaton for this year. (tied up a few more dozen also)

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