Thursday, November 22, 2012


It being Thanksgiving and all, I feel I need to express my gratitude towards all my readers and those who follow my blog. This blog has been up and running for just over a year now, and much to my surprise, there have been over 7600 views. You all are awesome!!!!!!

I want to do a little write up on my favorite rod and reel also.

The rod is a 9' 6 wt Temple Fork Outfitters TiCr. It is without a doubt the best streamer rod I have thrown. It is most definitely a fast action rod (really took some getting used to). One of the main reasons I chose the TiCr was the fact that it came with a fighting butt. In a 6 wt it is extremely hard to find one that comes with one, with this model being a saltwater specific rod it was included. It has plenty of backbone in the butt section with great sensitivity in the tip. The rod punches through these Idaho winds cleanly and accurately.

The rod is paired with a Ross Fly Rise. Its is the absolute best deal on the market. For 100 bucks you get the Evolution LT drag system and legendary Ross durability. I have put many hours in searching for a lightweight cast aluminum reel, and this is by far the lightest on the market. You pair the TFO with this reel and you have a combo that has a lifetime warranty on all parts.

This combo has handled everything I have thrown at it. It has become a must when chucking streamers.

Again thank you for all the support and the following. This little blog has far exceeded my expectations.

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