Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goal Setting

Every year I set a goal of how many Trout I feel i can catch. To some this may seem trivial, others might feel that doing this will take away from the enjoyment one can get from fishing. To me I feel that it is neither of these. Setting a goal gives me the drive to learn new techniques to improve my success, it also to me ads a type of competitiveness that I have come to really enjoy and appreciate. Am I crushed when I do not reach my goal, NEVER......
This years goal is 1000 trout. Right now i am sitting a little short of that and probably wont make that goal. I enjoy keeping track of my numbers, it also gives me a long term record of how different streams have produced, what time of year I do best on certain streams and other vital stats that help me plan my fishing trips.
Trout number 750 for the Year.......

This has been the year I have caught the most.....I have crushed my old record of Trout caught in a given year.
If anyone has any thoughts or opinions or even does something similar or the same I would love to hear about it.

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