Saturday, November 19, 2011

This weeks trips

Lucky for me this week I have had alot of downtime from school (thank you to my professors for the small amount of homework). Because of this I was able to make 4 trips fishing. Here are some of my favorite photos/fish from this week.

 This first male brown was my favorite. What a beautiful male. the colors were just unbelievable
 My good friend Adam hooked up with this brownie on his first cast of the day.
 This was my biggest fish I got the first trip this week. (note the scud, I have been fishing these like crazy with great results lately)
 This insanely fat bow also was duped by an olive flashback scud (size 12)
 heres another look at the big bow. I was fishing my 3 wt when this decided it wanted to test me. I felt the fish take the scud, instantly lifted the rod and BAM the battle started. As you can see I won the battle and was rewarded with a clam fish that let me get some good one handed photos.
 I was also able to take my good friend kenny fishing with me this week. Our class schedules are totally different this semester so we have a hard time meeting up. I introduced Kenny to fly fishing about 4 months ago and he was happy to set a new personal best with this fish. I must say I was proud to sit back and watch him be rewarded with fish. His casting has improved so much that I felt he deserved a good fish. It was funny, on our trip today he asked if I would wait 10 min before fishing so he could try to catch one (I have been blessed with a monster trout almost instantly every trip Kenny comes on) I managed to wait the 10 minutes out of respect but man was that HARD.
 This fish came from the community ponds here in Rexburg. It was by far the biggest trout I have ever caught at these Ponds. Although its a planter bow, It impressed me with the fight it put up. We managed about a dozen bows on this trip in the two hours we were there.(11 me 1 Kenny) but hey he is getting closer.
Here is Kennys 1 that he got on the trip. Again scuds were the ticket.

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  1. Good job, Josh! Those are some great looking fish from the river. What a couple of Fat ones too! Hope your enjoying, Idaho.