Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The quest for that monster brown!

Well I only had one class today and decided to Hit some areas on Henrys Fork that my buddy Chris showed me a while back. I havent had the opportunity to get into some big brown trout for a long while so I wanted to try to catch one while the fishing is good. Overall I managed 14 browns and 1 big fat bow on the 4 hour trip.

 This was my biggest brown of the day. 19 inches taken on a halloween bugger.  (sorry for some of the pictures being upside down. I tried saving new images of them to fix it and it wouldnt work.
 This was such a beauty of a brown.

 This one was camera shy.....which is a bummer because he had beautiful color.

 This rainbow was 18 inches. I couldnt get over how fat it was. Pound for pound I dont think there is a trout that fights harder than a rainbow. Plus this was a personal best for a Henrys Fork Rainbow. I know there are much bigger ones to be had.

Overall it was a great day of fishing. All the fish were caught on either a halloween Bigger or a brown Crystal bugger size 6. I hooked into a big male Brown today, got it to to the surface, and then it came unbuttoned. I feel this one would have beat my personal best brown at 27 inches. I estimate this one to be between 24-27 but about 2 times as heavy as my current best.


  1. "Well I only had one class today and decided to Hit some areas on Henrys Fork"

    Lucky!!! Nice post!

  2. Love it man. That spot amazes me. Its hard to imagine a spot like that holding so many fish. Congrats on some great catches.