Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its starting to get cold out! To me it doesnt matter one bit.

 Well in between classes today I was able to meet up with another student here that I fish with. We ventured over to The Henrys Fork of the Snake River with the hopes of catching a monster spawning brown. We did catch multiple fat browns, but no trophys. Overall it was a great day of fishing. Most of the fish Chris caught were on a black leech. and the majority of my trout came on a Hotwire Prince Nymph and a olive/white clouser minnow. Also as you can see in the pictures, I am the proud owner of a bigger net. (next time I am at Henrys Lake i might actually be able to net those beasts. This is my first rubberized net and I must say I am in love.
 this was my first brown of the trip. caught within the first 15 mins of fishing.

 This was the biggest of the day for me. A healthy 18 inch Bow. It smacked the crap out of my clouser. When it hit, I was afraid my rod was going to snap.
Chris with the biggest brown for the day. His best pattern today seemed to be to wait till i moved and then instantly cast where I was standing and hook up with decent browns. Only him though, when I tried I got weeds.


  1. Nice looking fish.

  2. Looks like a great day...some real nice looking fish there.